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Puppets Who Kill (Region 1) - Season 1 - 2 Discs
Releasedatum: 7 juli 2004
In the interest of instant ratings gratification, the network brass should have titled this series When Good Puppets Go Bad. But then, that's too much reality and not enough makeover. This Old Halfway House? Copyright problems. So we went with the old double entendre and it pays off. When Bill, the bloodthirsty ventriloquist dummy, Buttons, sexually hyperactive corporate mascot, Cuddles, the foul-mouthed comfort doll and Rocko, the con-artist plush puppy go into a rehab midstation their antics are both psychologically murderous on their hapless social worker played by comic near-genious Dan Redican and deadly funny at the same time. Puppets Who Kill? Exactly.

DVD Extra's:
Character Likes And Dislikes Cast & Crew Bios Episode Commentary With Director Shawn Alex Thompson And Writer John Pattison "A Day In The Life Of Puppets Who Kill" Featurette Never-Before-Seen Outtake Reel

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