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Mighty Gorga/One Million Ac/Dc (Region 1) - Mighty Gorga & One Million Ac Dc
Releasedatum: 6 augustus 2002
To save his almost bankrupt circus, Mark Remington journeys to Africa where he and a sexy Great White Huntress encounter THE MIGHTY GORGA, a goofy-looking (and often cross-eyed) giant gorilla played by a guy wearing the worst ape suit ever seen in a motion picture. Atop a Prehistoric Plateau, they also confront a tyrannosaurus played, no surprise, by a guy wearing the worst dinosaur suit ever seen in a motion picture. After Remington actually throws a prehistoric egg at the beast, the T-Rex fights Gorga in a special effects non-spectacle so stupid as to be almost breathtaking. Other creatures on display include a serpent guarding the Lost Treasure of Bronson Canyon (courtesy of some cheesy stop-motion animation), and such B-movie dinosaurs as Anthony Eisley (The Naked Kiss), Kent Taylor (The Crawling Hand), and good ol' Scott Brady (He Walked by Night) as the obligatory bad guy. THE MIGHTY GORGA. The film that makes King Kong look like a classic. PLUS: The madness continues when THE MIGHTY GORGA's tyrannosaurus returns to gobble up cave gals in the jaw-dropping ONE MILLION AC/DC, a caveman sex comedy written by none other than Edward D. Wood, Jr., the legendary cult auteur of Plan 9 from Outer Space, who's billed here as "Akdon Telmig" (one letter away from a reverse "Vodka Gimlet"). This ridiculously berserk Stone Age skinflick also features a horny ape, a cave orgy, dueling dinosaurs from the original One Million B.C., and lines like "I'm off to see the lizard." Wow.

DVD Extra's:
Digitally Remastered. Big Dumb Monster Trailers for: The Cyclops, Equinox, Island of the Dinosaurs, The Loch Ness Terror, Lost Continent, ONE MILLION AC/DC, Sound of Horror, Tom Thumb, and Valley of the Dragons! A Teenager goes Back in Time and returns with a Claymation Dinosaur that Runs Amok through Suburbia in the hilarious homemade Short Subject #1: Nightmare!. Comic Hank Henry searches for Cave Babes and Dinosaurs in Short Subject #2: Prehistoric Doze! Beauty loves the Beast in Stupid-Ape Short Subject #3: Diane the Jungle Girl and Her Gorilla of Love! Gallery of Amazing Trash-O-Rama Exploitation Art with Radio-Spot Rarities!

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