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Street Corner/Because Of Eve (Region 1) - Street Corner & Because Of Eve
Releasedatum: 29 juli 2003
Finally! The Veils of Sexual Ignorance are lifted with these two incredible Sex-and-Sin Exploitation Classicks which once traveled the back roads of America exposing small-town audiences to the shocking-but-true Facts of Life! When high school girl Lois Marsh finds herself "in trouble" and boyfriend Bob dead in a car crash, she seeks help on the Street Corner and ends up almost dying from a botched abortion! Fortunately, crusading Dr. Fenton comes to her aid, armed with his trusty projector and graphic birth-of-a-baby footage... Plus: Soon-to-be-wed Bob and Sally visit Dr. West for a "premarital physical" until he idiotically blurted out their past indiscretions: "Sally, that first baby didn't hurt you a bit! And Bob, there's no trace of your old VD!" BOOM! The marriage is cancelled until the befuddled old doc shows the ex-lovebirds three delightful movies - "The Story of VD," "The Story of Reproduction," and "The Story of Birth" - proving once and for all that it's all Because of Eve... With shocking-for-it's-time condor and even some surprising full-frontal nudity, Street Corner and Because of Eve are not only hilariously overripe Sex-ed films but "an honest effort at making our beloved America a cleaner, healthier, and happier place to live!" Shown to Segregated Audiences in theaters - "Women at 7:00, Men at 9:00!" - you can now learn all about The Birds and The Bees in the hushed privacy of your darkened living room!

DVD Extra's:
Video Introduction by Legendary Producer and Exploitation Film Authority David F. Friedman! Audio Commentary on Street Corner by David F. Friedman! Audio Interview with Exploitation Pioneer Dan Sonney! Audio Interview with Roadshow Impresario Claude Alexander! Special "In Person" Book Pitch and Intermission Lecture by a "Famed Hygiene Commentator!" Original Theatrical Trailer for Street Corner! Bonus Sex-Ed Trailers for: I Want a Baby, Man and Wife, Mated, Mom and Dad, Test Tube Babies and We Want a Child! Plus: The Mystery of MOtherhood is revealed in Claude Alexander's color featurette: The Wonderous Story of Birth! Gallery #1: Gallery of Roadshow Pitch Books with Mom and Dad Testimonials! Gallery #2: Gallery of Roadshow Exploitation Art with rare Mom and Dad Radio Spots!

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