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Scare Their Pants Off/Satan's Bed (Region 1) - Scare Their Pants Off & Satan's Bed
Releasedatum: 8 januari 2002
Yes, it's Yoko Ono, sex maniacs, and off-kilter kink in this goofy, ultra-gritty Grindhouse Double Feature! Since lunatics John and Bert can't enjoy sex unless their women are first properly terrified, they abduct three lovely ladies and attempt to Scare Their Pants Off! A pretty blonde finds herself confronted by a Phantom-of-the-Opera-like figure who just wants a little kiss; trouble is, his face looks like the surface of the moon. Victim #2 wakes up strapped to a sacrificial altar where she's to be a gift to the god Apu. And a third gal is inexplicably interrogated by the fascist police of some demented dictator. Of course, it's all just a crazy charade as John and Bert gleefully demonstrate why blind dates can be so scary… Plus: The same year that The Beatles' second film, Help!, premiered, John Lennon's future soul mate, avant-garde artist Yoko Ono, made her acting debut in the twisted sickie Satan's Bed. Ono, in a kimono, plays the Japanese bride-to-be of a drug-smuggling immigration agent who wants to abandon crime for life with Yoko. But Lou, a small-time drug dealer, doesn’t want to lose his main supplier so he cancels the wedding by kidnapping Ono. And when he also hires three psychos - Snake, Dip, and Angel - to rough her up, they create a mini-crimewave that culminates in a wild attack upon… the wrong woman. Oy. So join Yoko for a typical day in Sin City that starts when you climb under the sheets of Satan's Bed!

DVD Extra's:
Original Theatrical Trailers! Bonus Times Square Grindhouse Trailers for: All My Men, The Bizarre Ones, Career Bed, Nympho, Olga's Dance Hall Girls, Prostitutes Protective Society, She Came on the Bus, The Sin Syndicate, and Two Girls for a Madman! Grindhouse Short Subject #1: Jane On A Train! Grindhouse Short Subject #2: Time Square Sinema 1970! Grindhouse Short Subject #3: Couples Welcome! Grindhouse A Go-Go Short Subject #4: Girls for Sale!

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