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Satan In High Heels (Region 1) - Intrator, Jerald
Releasedatum: 12 februari 2002
Slut goddess Stacey Kane is a second-rate stripper in a third-rate carnival who wants more out of life. So when she finds her junkie ex-husband lurking in her dressing room with a wad of bills, Stacey promptly steals every cent, hops on a plane for New York, and auditions for a singing job at a nightclub run by a terse, wide-eyed lesbian named Pepe who is soon trying to turn the tramp into a lady. Things quickly get complicated, however, when Stacey shacks up with the club's owner, Arnold Keynon, while also having an affair with Arnold's son. But when her ex-hubby once again pops up in her dressing room, this time with a knife instead of cash, Stacey sends him off to commit a little murder… As the titular Satan in High Heels, star Meg Myles practically sprouts horns. Simultaneously sexy and scary, she's at her best on the nightclub floor where she belts out a gut-busting tune while donning a leather outfit and riding crop - "I'll beat you, mistreat you, till you quiver and quail, female of the species is more deadly than the male!" - which is guaranteed to make you… well, quiver and quail. A tough, taut, and well-made exploitation gem, Satan in High Heels once again prove there's nothing quite as seductive as a truly wicked woman.

DVD Extra's:
Truly Evil Trailers for Confessions of a Bad Girl, Girl with an Itch, The Love Cult, Satan in High Heels, Satan's Bed, Satan's Playthings, The Soul Snatcher and The Unsatisfied! Devilish Short Subject #1: Satan and the Virgin! Devilish Short Subject #2: Latex She-Devils! Extra Added Attraction: French Model Paulette Takes a weird detour off the map of reality when she gets lost in a strange wilderness and must deal with a lust-crazed hermit, a maniacal gorilla, and naked wild women who wear clumps of weeds and dance to rock'n'roll in the ultra-bizarre 61-minute feature from 1962, The Wild and the Naked! As Paulette so aptly puts it, "What a howwible nightmare!" Gallery of Something Weird Sixties Sexploitation Art with Musical Audio Rarities!

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