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Hard Trip (Region 1) - D'onofrio, Alberto
Releasedatum: 3 juni 2003
The mere mention of the word can spark a controversy. Fueling this fire is the fact that California's San Fernando Valley alone produces more than 10,000 porno films a year, with some pretty stiff competition from Budapest, Hungary. Numbers this big are hard to dismiss. Yet the people who provide the thrust to this multi-billion dollar industry are at best enigmatic, both to their admirers and there detractors. Hard Trip gets inside the San Fernando Valley's notorious adult film indstury and the actors it's made famous. You'll meet Veronica Hart, porn actress-turned-director, as she discusses her experiences both from the front and rear of the camera; ginger Lynn, a XXX veteran who knows all the ins and outs of the business; Dale Cion, up-and-coming sex star, along with perennials Sharon Mitchell, Asia Carrera, Candy Apples, T.T. Boy and Julie Meadows; you will also meet Jim Smith, a talent scout and agent who auditions dozens of porn hopefuls every day. Fighting the lonely battle for the opposition is Paul Maurer of the Coalition Against Pornography, one of many such crusaders throughout the United States. We follow the Coalition's fight to ban adult movies and porn shops in towns all over the country. Hard Trip is a look inside an international underground culture and the controversy that surrounds it, including behind-the-scenes visits to adult film shoots and a health clinic run by and for sex workers. This is a compelling, informative film that speaks to both sides of the issue, at last giving a human face to America's dirtiest secret.

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