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Various Artists - Reggae Jammin' (Vol 1)
Releasedatum: 23 februari 2001
This is a nice DVD containing highlights from Sting 1998. Starting off with Tanto Metro & Devonte in full swing, this DVD features all the best acts of ’89 and, although it was recorded two years ago, it’s still pretty hot. George Nooks, Cocoa Tea and Junior Reid provide the singing parts and all three are impressive. More action comes from deejays like Norrisman, Delly Ranking, Frisco Kid and Mega Banton who get the crowd moving. Men of the moment (where are these guys nowadays?), Zebra and Shalom, both prove that they at least had one good song in them (‘Rupert’ and ‘I got News for You’) and can perform well. The two most memorable moments of Sting 1998 are also included. Ghost, who was serving time at that moment and got special permission to perform, came on stage wearing a striped prison -outfit and handcuffs. After his prison escort removed the cuffs, he and the Monstershock Crew gave a wicked performance. Same can be said about Beenieman’s closing of the show. In full daylight the doctor kept the overtired patrons on their feet and dancing.

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