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Mondo Cannibale R2 (Uk Import) - Franco, Jess
Releasedatum: 21 juni 2004
Jess Franco directs this tale of cannibal carnage (also known as White Cannibal Queen and Mondo Cannibale)! Dr Taylor (Al Cliver), his wife and two daughters are on their way to a hospital deep in the jungle when they are set upon by bloodthirsty cannibals. The youngest daughter escapes and later is discovered by the cannibal chief who consideres her a white goddess. Dr Taylor also escapes and is found wandering in the jungle with his arm chopped off. Declared demented he is committed to a mental home. Ten years later he returns to the jungle to find his missing offspring. But what dangers lie ahead as he ventures deep into the unknown and comes face to face with the flesheaters...?

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