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Steel Angel Kurumi: Complete Collec (Region 1) - Steel Angel Kurumi 1: Complete Coll
Releasedatum: 1 juni 2004
The critics agree! Steel Angel Kurumi is a sinfully good anime series! Built by the military for mysterious purposes, Kurumi's divine looks belie her awesome power. When Kurumi and her heavenly android sisters are accidentally awakened, all hell breaks loose as less-than-saintly forces set out to get their hands on the angels and their powerful Mark II Heart technology!

DVD Extra's:
40 Mini-Episodes/ 4 Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes/ Translator Notes/ Historical Background/ Onmyou Background/ Production Sketches/ Original Japanese Packaging/ Original Manga Covers/ The Steel Angel World: Series Background Information/ In-Depth Interviews with the Creators/ Preliminary Design Sketches/ A Kurumi Travelogue/ Character Bios/ Voice Actress Commentary/ English & Japanese Voice Actress Selected Works/ Character Art Image Gallery/ Extended Episode Previews/ Clean Open/Close ... and More!

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