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Doctor Gore (Special Edition) (Region 1) - J.g. Patterson, Jr.
Releasedatum: 2 oktober 2002
Deeply unhinged over the death of his wife, plastic surgeon and part-time mad doctor Don Brandon immediately seeks a new mate: "A perfect one. She must be beautiful. She must have everything!" Bypassing traditional courtship rituals, the love-starved lunatic first tries to bring a pretty corpse back to life by, apparently, baking it in aluminum foil with the Frankenstein-like lab equipment in the basement of his North-Carolina castle. When that fails, Doctor Brandon becomes Doctor Gore (1973) as he switches to Plan B: custom-building the girl of his dreams from body parts severed from sexy young gals. Behaving like a stud version of Jack the Ripper, the creepy doc first seduces, then dissects a variety of women he dates, taking the most perfect pieces from each until — viola! — he's stitched together and brought to life a centerfold-style creation named Anitra. But though he thinks he's created the ultimate love slave, Anitra has other ideas.... Released to Southern drive-ins as The Body Shop, this blood-soaked love story is the twisted creation of J.G. "Pat" Patteson, a one-time TV horror host, spook-show magician, producer (Axe), director (The Electric Chair), occasional actor (he plays the mad doctor under his stage moniker: "Don Brandon, America's No 1 Magician"), and production assistant to The Godfather of Gore himself, Herschell Gordon Lewis (Blood Feast), who obviously showed him the correct way to slice and dice.

DVD Extra's:
• Audio Commentary by Jeffrey C. Hogue and Cynthia Starr-Soroka • Alternate Doctor Gore Title Sequence with Special Introduction by Goremeister Herschell Gordon Lewis • Trailers for Dr. G's Friends and Colleagues: The Awful Dr. Orlof, Boob and the Preacher, The Curious Dr. Humpp, The Doctor and the Playgirls, Dr. Black Mr. Hyde, Fanny Hill meets Dr. Erotico, The Gruesome Twosome, Marquis de Sade, Monstrosity, Professor Lust, The Wacky World of Dr. Morgus, and The Wizard of Gore • The Search for the Ultimate Female •Maniac Hospital • Extra Added Attraction: How to Make a Doll • Ghastly Gallery of Ghoulish Comic Cover Art with Music by The Dead Elvi

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