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Common Law Wife/Jennie, Wife-Child (Region 1) - Common Law Wife & Jennie Wife & Chi
Releasedatum: 20 mei 2003
Common Law Wife (1940/ minutes) - Learn about man and wife, the backwoods way! Rich old coot Shugfoot Rainey wants to trade in his over-the-hill mistress, Linda, for his young niece, "Baby Doll" Jonelle, a pouty-faced stripper from New Orleans. But Linda's got a surprise; according to Texas law, she's Shugfoot's Common Law Wife and won't leave quietly. Eager to get her greedy mitts on Uncle Rainey's loot, Jonelle ups the ante by putting cyanide in Shugfoot's whiskey, leading to the two women squaring off in a surprisingly violent showdown. Filled with hilariously rotten characters, this overripe slice of Southern sleaze comes from cult director Larry Buchanan, outrageous auteur of Mars Needs Women! Jennie, Wife/Child(1940/ minutes) - 20-year-old Jennie: Wife/Child is unhappily married to the way-too-old-for-her Albert Peckingpaw, so she puts the moves on hunky hired hand Mario. When Albert realizes the two have been makin' bacon in the barn, he drugs them, chains them in the cellar, and digs their graves, which is when cheerful "town floozy" Lulu Belle unexpectedly pays Albert a visit. From the director of The Sadist and featuring music by Davie Allan and the Arrows and photography by Vilmos Zsigmond (Close Encounters of the Third Kind), this exudes the long-lost charms of an evening at a Carolina drive-in!

DVD Extra's:
Audio Commentary on Common Law Wife by Director Larry Buchanan; Original Theatrical Trailer for Common Law Wife; Extra Added Attraction: Hillbilly harlots Jeannie and Lil take a hankerin' for a two-bit robber with amnesia and a bag of stolen loot in the feature-length regional skinflick, "Moonshine Love"; Gallery of Roadshow Exploitation Art with Audio Oddities.

€ 15.99

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