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Gamera Vs. Monster X/Monster From A (Region 1) - Gamera Vs Monster X & Monster From
Releasedatum: 20 januari 2004
A giant monster double feature! Includes Gamera vs. Monster X and Monster from a Prehistoric Planet. Gamera vs. Monster X The Golden Age of monster-on-the-loose films being made in Japan during the 1960's has become a memorable staple in cult film history. Toho's Godzilla films were coming out with success, so Daiei Motion Picture Co. created their own monster: the fire-breathing flying turtle Gamera. Making it's debut in Japan as Daikaiju Gamera and released in the United States as Gammera the Invincible, Daiei ended up making six Gamera sequels, featuring the giant turtle as a hero and battling other monsters. Gamera vs. Monster X (Japanese title: Gamera Tai Maju Jaiga) is one of those sequelsL a stone statue is removed from Wester Island and out comes a horned beast that's either called Jiger or Monster X. And thus, it's up to Gamera to defeat this creature that begins to lay waste to Osaka! And like with most of the Gamera sequels, Gamera vs. Monster X was released directly to American television by American International Productions Television (A.I.P.-TV) and dubbed in English by Titan Productions. Monster from a Prehistoric Planet While Toho and Daiei were hitting it off with their monster films, other Japanese film productions attempted to make their own monster-on-the-loose films. Nikkatsu Studios, a company known for making crime dramas, made Dai Kyoju Gappa in 1967, which would be released in English language theaters as Gappa: The Triphibian Monster by Manson Corporation and later issued to American television via A.I.P.-TV under the well-remembered title Monster from a Prehistoric Planet. Considered to be an unofficial remake of the British monster film Gorgo (1960), Monster from a Prehistoric Planet is about a baby reptile-bird monster being captured and taken to Tokyo, which results in an attack by the baby's agitated mother and father.

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