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Key The Metal Idol (Regio 1) - Complete Series
Releasedatum: 14 mei 2004
Tokiko “Key” Mima is an android with the body of a girl who desperately wants to become human. When her creator dies, he leaves her a message – to become human she must win the love of 30,000 people… Could it really be possible for Key to become a real, live human? As hard as it will be to make 30,000 friends, it doesn’t help that she runs into a series of shady characters who are determined to use Key for their own devices. While Key has many questions, it seems that they only people who hold the answers are her enemies. Will you be one of Key’s friends?A dark, haunting tale of cynernetic sci-fi dreams, spiritual visions and the turbulent world of Japanese pop music, Key the Metal Idol will haunt and amaze you.

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