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Der Student Von Prag (Region 1) - Rye, Stellan
Releasedatum: 25 mei 2004
Balduin (Paul Wegener) is a penniless student in 19th century Prague who, in a chance encounter, rescues the beautiful Countess Margit Schwarzenberg and becomes romantically obsessed with her. Scapinelli, the sorcerer, lures the student with a bargain - 100,000 gold pieces - a vast fortune - in return for which "...he shall take from this room whatsoever he chooseth for his own use..." and Balduin hastily signs the contract. Much to the student's astonishment, the old magician approaches a large mirror, extracts Balduin's reflection and departs with it! Intoxicated with his new-found wealth, the student is unaware that he is now doomed to a horrific fate. With it's Faustian theme, 1913's The Student Of Prague is one of the first "horror" movies and a true classic of German expressionist cinema. Alpha Video is pleased to present this landmark film with an original score by Paul David Bergel and completely restored title cards.

€ 11.99

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