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Full Frame Documentary Shorts R0 (Volume 2) - 7 Shorts
Releasedatum: 19 mei 2004
Back by popular demand, FULL FRAME DOCUMENTARY SHORTS: VOL. 2 presents a brand new crop of quality shorts to audiences hungry for a second helping. The preeminent documentary film festival in North America, Full Frame ( showcases over 100 documentaries each year (in association with "The New York Times" and a board that includes Martin Scorsese, Ken Burns, and Barbara Kopple.) Featuring 7 new films that encompass a diverse range of topics and styles, don't miss your chance to revisit Full Frame and experience the best of the best in documentary shorts! 1. CROWFILM by Edward P. Davee A captivatingly atmospheric and experimental film in the tradition of "Winged Migration," CROWFILM is a multi-media celebration of the crow, its world, and its relation to ours. 2. MISS ALABAMA NURSING HOME by Anne Paas A documentary about beauty, aging, and going for the crown, this touching and uplifting film follows an 82-year-old beauty queen on her quest to become Ms. Alabama Nursing Home. 3. NUTRIA by Ted Gesing Hilarious and irreverent, NUTRIA tells the story of the Argentine swamp rat that is both destroying the wetlands of Louisiana and rapidly becoming the regionís latest culinary delicacy. 4. ALBUM by Barbara Bird Hauntingly personal and intimate, ALBUM presents the creation and destruction of a "typical American family" through pairing old silent home movies with revelatory oral commentary from the family members today. 5. WOOD ISLAND by Kate T. Williamson An insightful observation on a community in East Boston adjacent to Logan Airport, WOOD ISLAND shows how religion, work, and tradition intersect amid the constant buzz of planes in a community seemingly unchanged by time. 6. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck An exploration of New York Cityís post-modern consumer market, this smart and funny film follows artist/businessman Geoff Lupo as he advertises all over the city selling useless trinkets from pen caps to stale crackers. 7. IWO JIMA: MEMORIES IN SAND by Beret E. Strong and John Tweedy Weaving interviews with survivors and extraordinary archival footage of IWO JIMA: MEMORIES IN SAND is a powerful and lyrical account of one of the deadliest battles of modern warfare.

DVD Extra's:
Filmmaker Biographies; Film Credits; Interactive Menus; Film Selection

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