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Samurai Trilogy (3pc, Boxed Set) (Region 1) - Criterion Coll: Samurai Trilogy
Releasedatum: 18 mei 2004
Based on the novel that has been called Japan's 'Gone with the Wind', Hiroshi Inagaki's acclaimed Samurai Trilogy is a sweeping saga of the legendary 17th-century samurai Musashi Miyamoto (powerfully portrayed by Toshiro Mifune) set against the turmoil of a devastating civil war, and follows Musashi's odyssey from unruly youth to enlightened warrior. The first installment, 'Musashi Miyamoto', finds the hero's dreams of military glory ending in betrayal, but the fugitive swordsman finds salvation in the love of a woman and a cunning priest who guides him to the samurai path. In the second, 'Duel at Ichijoji Temple', the itinerant Musashi is set upon by 80 samurai disciples -orchestrated by the villainous Kojiro- while the women who love him watch helplessly. In the final chapter, 'Duel at Ganryu Island'-Musashi must decide between two women as he prepares to battle for supremacy in a climactic confrontation with his lifelong nemesis. The Criterion Collection is proud to present The Samurai Trilogy, Hiroshi Inagaki's epic tale of combat, valor, and self-discovery

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