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Educational Archives (Regio 1) - 4 Dvd Limited Edition Lunchbox
Releasedatum: 18 mei 2004
Special four-volume dvd set comes with limited edition metal lunchbox and thermos. Generations of American children sat in dark classrooms and absorbed wisdom in the form of 16mm education and social guidance films. Through the flicker of dim projector bulbs and the warble of optical soundtracks a blueprint for better living in the Atomic Age was spelled out in no uncertain terms. Now just as you remember them, Fantoma presents this collection of sex education and drug prevention films, ranging in date from the late 1940s to the early 1970s. Some historical, some hysterical and all filled with more important misinformation than you can digest in just one viewing. Vol. 1: Sex & Drugs includes Innocent Party, LSD: Case Study, Narcotics: Pit of Despair, Social Sex Attitudes in Adolescence and Marijuana (with Sonny Bono). Vol. 2: Social Engineering 101 features Lunchroom Manners, Soapy the Germ Fighter, The Outsider, Manners in School, and Shy Guy. Vol. 3: Driver's Ed contains The Last Prom, Joyride, The Bottle and the Throttle, Drive & Survive and more. Vol. 4: On the Job includes Shake Hands with Danger, The Grapevine, Promotion Bypass, and The Trouble with Women. Skip Elsheimer provides historical notes on each film. 480 mins.

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