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Killer Tattoo (Widescreen) (Region 1) - Sippapak, Yuthlert
Releasedatum: 16 maart 2004
Bangkok, 2011 AD. Pae Buffgun, a seasoned hitman, is released from prison and quickly hired to assassinate the Iron Cop, a ruthless law enforcer. Because the job is too big for one man, he assembles his old team for the hit. Dog Badbomb, Elvis M16, and Ghost Rifle, old hands in the assassin game, have seen their jobs dwindle of late. Meanwhile, Kit Silencer, an up and coming hitman, is also contracted to kill Iron Cop. Both groups pick the same day for the hit and the end result is complete chaos. Based on his memory of the tattoo on the killer's wrist, Kit suspects Pae is the man who murdered his parents when he was a child. As a result, Kit Silencer comes after Pae Buffgun and his gang...

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