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In My Skin (Widescreen) (Region 1) - De Van, Marina
Releasedatum: 20 april 2004
Marina de Van's (Co-writer of Under the Sand and 8 Women) impressive debut feature is a haunting and riveting exploration of a young woman's disturbing fascination with her own body. After suffering deep gashes to her leg from an accidental fall, Esther (Marina del Van), a young research analyst, becomes preoccupied with her body and skin, especially her wounds. At first, she merely careers her arms, pinches her excess skin, or traces the cuts on her legs, but it isn't long before she is carving wounds directly and aggressively into her own body. Her boyfriend (Laurent Lucas) becomes understandably concerned and angry, but his inability to understand forces Esther into reclusion to explore her new found passion. Increasingly unhinged - to situations of perverse dark humor - Esther seems determined to continue her compulsion until the removal from her own body is complete.

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