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Happy Lesson, Vol. 2: Mama-Palooza (Region 1) - Happy Lesson 2: Mama Palooza
Releasedatum: 16 maart 2004
Take five moms, two sisters, one lovesick class president and one terrified young man, stir and run for cover! The best advice anyone ever gave Chitose was that things get a lot worse before they get any better. Unfortunately, in his case things only seem to get worse and worse and worse! This action-packed volume of Happy Lesson brings new dimesnions to Chitsoe's already vida loca. Uzuki thinks she's an angel and has fallen for a cute stranger. Minazuki can't decide which after-school club to join. The annual Field Day is on its way and the competition for Best Lunch is about to commence! All of this would be manageable if one of Chitose's moms wasn't intent on taking over the world. Don't be marked absent from this exciting explosion of laughs and weirdness!

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