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Arjuna: Anime Legends Complete Coll (Region 1) - Arjuna: Anime Legends Complete Coll
Releasedatum: 25 april 2006
Present day Kobe, Japan. Teenager Juna Ariyoshi strugglesito find her placeiin theiworld, justias everyone does. But an unfortunate accident ends her young life. As she hovers between life andideath,ia shining figure offersito save her life if she will become theiAvatar of Time andiprotect theiplanet Earth, which isislowly dying. Now, theinewly reborn Juna must comeito terms with her new powers andiresponsibilities. Working with an elite group knownias SEED, Juna must battle theimysterious Raaja wherever they occur. But theiproblem is, she doesn't really know how. Helping heriin her journey isiChris, theione who saved her. Her best friend, Tokio, who has feelingsifor her, also refusesito leave her side. And then there's Cindy,ia young telepath who thinks that Juna can't possibly be theitrue Avatar of Time. The battleifor Earth has begun, andiin theiend, one confused girl will hold theifate of an entire planetiin her hands! Includes all 13 episodes!

DVD Extra's:
- Shoji Kawamori interview - Maaya Sakamoto music video - voice actor interviews - theme song karaoke

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