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Sexy Space Box Set (Region 1) - Sexy Space Box Set
Releasedatum: 13 april 2004
Blast off for a sexy series of oddball odysseys through the carnal cosmos! You'll launch into orbit as gorgeous galactic gals strut their stuff in three outer space romps so fun, you'll never want to come back down to Earth! First an alien in human disguise visits the flying saucer of Captain Mother and her all-girl nymph crew in the screwball sci-fi classic, Space Thing, from legendary producer David F. Friedman (The Defilers)! Then astronauts discover a lunar nudist camp, populated by shapely moon gals with antennae on their head, in the sci-fi nudie cutie, Nude on the Moon, from grindhouse director Doris Wishman (Double Agent 73)! Finally, two aliens land on Earth to begin "Operation Procreation" on Hollywood Boulevard in a search for quick, cheap flying saucer sex in Wham! Bam! Thank You, Spaceman!, a '70s space spoof from producer Harry Novak (Kiss Me Quick)! Unzip that space suit and climb aboard for the ultimate close encounter!

DVD Extra's:
- Space Thing, audio commentary by producer David F. Friedman - Theatrical trailers - Stellar short subjects - David F. Friedman, gallery of exploitation art - Doris Wishman poster gallery - Gallery of Harry Novak exploitation art

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