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Salvador Dali (Regio 1) -
Releasedatum: 23 april 2004
Born in Spain in 1904, Salvador Dalí was one of the 20th century’s most controversial and celebrated artists. He is best known for his involvement in the surrealist movement due to such painting as The Persistance of Memory, although the leaders of the movement later denounced Dalí as overly commercial. After the 1940s, he painted in a more classical style, filling his art with religious and scientific imagery. Famous for his outrageous personality, Dalí was not limited to one media; he worked in oils, watercolors, drawings, graphics, sculptures, and jewelry. He produced films, illustrated and wrote many books, and created theatrical sets and costumes. Dalí was practically a one-man artistic movement. His unique and mystifying genius brought him international fame and popularity and he is the only artist in history to have two separate museums dedicated exclusively to his works erected during his lifetime: The Salvador Dalí Museum in Florida and Theatre Museo Dalí in Spain.

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