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Man Of The Year/O Homem Do Ano (Uk Import) - Fonseca, Jose Henrique
Releasedatum: 26 april 2004
Based on the award-winning novel 'O Matador' by Patricia Mel, The Man of the Year marks director Jose Henrique Fonseca's astonishing feature debut. Maiquel (Murilo Benicio) is an ordinary guy who wants an ordinary life - wife, kids and a nice house. His life in the vicious suburbs of Rio de Janeiro is transformed through an incredible series of events that leads to him gunning down a much feared local hood. Adopted as the hero of the neighbourhood, Maiquel struggles to deal with his new-found notoriety and urged on by the enthusiastic locals and corrupt Rio police soon finds himself becoming a hit man for hire. Winner of the SKYY prize at the San Francisco Film Festival, Man of the Year is a piercing, brilliant depiction of a society in convulsion.

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