Aktie / Thriller Tip

Black Rainbow R2 (Uk Import) - Hodges, Mike
Releasedatum: 26 april 2004
A young reporter on a local newspaper, Gary Wallace (Tom Hulse) is assigned to investigate the clairvoyant skills of a spiritualist medium, Martha Travis (Rosanna Arquette), who travels the community halls of America's Bible Belt with her father, Walter (Jason Robards). When Martha speaks to her audiences of a beautiful life hereafter, Wallace is sure she is a fake, exploiting the grief of mourning relatives desperate to contact their loved ones on the other side. But Wallace's scepticism is shattered when she accurately foretells the circumstances of a series of violent deaths. One by one, Martha's chilling prophecies come true. Threatened by Martha's apparent visionary skills is a corrupt local industrialist, who in collusion with the local police chief hires a hit man to eliminate the medium. Wallace follows Martha and Walter as they travel on to the next town to warn them of the danger that threatens them. That evening, Martha publicly foresees the death of a number of local power plant workers and her prediction is fulfilled with horrifying accuracy. Marha's vision of destruction continue to haunt her, but now the voices are speaking of a terrifying fate that lies in wait for her and her father.

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