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Dracula - Pages From A Virgin's Dia (Uk Import) - Maddin, Guy
Releasedatum: 30 maart 2009
Guy Maddin's unique collaboration with the Winnipeg National Ballet is a mesmerising mix of breathtaking choreography, avant-garde film-making techniques and deliciously dark humour. With its erotically-charged atmosphere and moody gothic edge, Maddin transforms and reinterprets Bram Stoker's original tale and brilliantly documents the acclaimed stage production, as choreographed by Mark Godden. Presented in his characteristic "tinted" black and white style, the screen is brought to dramatic life with an array of commanding performances and the addition of lush splashes of colour.

DVD Extra's:
- Director's commentary - The making of "Dracula" - CBC Arts Report with Guy Maddin - Guy Maddin radio interview - Vonnie von Helmolt radio interview - Original theatrical trailer - Original TV spots - 4-page booklet with Tom Charity film notes

€ 15.99

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