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.hack//Sign, Vol. 6: Terminus (Region 1) - Hack//Sign 6: Terminus
Releasedatum: 16 maart 2004
In preparation for the final battle, everyone arrives in Net Slums, a hidden area created by Helba out of data remnants and discarded files. Elsewhere, Subaru and Tsukasa are finally reunited. Together they resolve to see things through to the end, but not before making a very important promise. Sora, meanwhile, has sided with the enemy, Morganna. The group has figured out where and when the enemy will attack, and the battle begins! Even though it seems hopeless, they all fight against the forces of Morganna. Tsukasa and Subaru flee, but that was merely the first of many battles that Morganna will wage. Friendships will be tested. Alliances will be broken. Lies will be revealed. People will be betrayed. A life will be ruined. And all because of a sleeping girl who holds the power to change everything in 'The World'.

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