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Best Of Burlesque (Regio 1) -
Releasedatum: 10 maart 2004
Join Lili St. Cyr, Tempest Storm, Dixie Evans and over 100 bump-and-grind beauties in a peek back at the good ol'days of big-time burlesque when stripping was an art form and baggy pants comics told the World's Corniest Jokes! * Full-length Burlesque Feature #1: A Virgin In Hollywood with startling scenes in eye-popping 3-D! * Full-length Burlesque Feature #2: Too Hot To Handle with Dixie Evans and Patti Waggin! * Lili St.Cyr stars in the color short A Bedroom Fantasy! * Tempest Storm shakes it in the color short Night In Hollywood! * Lorraine Lane dances with the devil in the satanic short Satan's Dance! * Sally Rand charms again with her classic Fan Dance! * Evelyn West shows why she was called The Hubba-Hubba Girl! * The incredible "Cat Girl" slinks in Cat Tease, and the "Spider Girl" stalks in Daughters of Eve! * Much, much, much more!!!

€ 19.99

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