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Final Fantasy Unlimited 5 R2 (Uk Import) - Volume 5
Releasedatum: 15 november 2004
Navigating through the ocean puzzle is no piece of cake. When Cid is turned into a frog, he finds his piloting skill - not to mention his credibility with the crew - has severely dropped. And Oscar's meddling leads to the resurrection of a long-dead foe. Who can possibly challenge the astonishing powers of the red phantom? But nothing so far has prepared the group for Ai's sudden disappearance in the Sea of Wonderland. Whisked away to a realm where the ocean floats above the sky, she meets a mysterious boy clothed in garments made from Flying Water. Who is he? What is the source of his incredible power? And why is the Earl so desperate to capture him? Ai, Yu, Lisa, and their allies will have their courage and patience tested as they push through, but hope and perseverance keep them afloat.

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