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Naked Witch/Crypt Of Dark Secrets (Region 1) - Naked Witch & Crypt Of Dark Secrets
Releasedatum: 1 oktober 2002
After a college student digs up the mummified remains of "The Luckenbach Witch" and removes the stake from her ribs, The Naked Witch (1961) is alive and well and strolling through the Texas countryside in her birthday suit! Killing off the descendants of those who condemned her to death, she also seduces the student who eventually realizes he must send his sexy new girlfriend back to the grave. Plus: Robbed of his cash by three thugs who invade his home in the Louisiana swamp and leave him for dead, Vietnam vet Ted awakens to find that instead of being deceased, he's the pet project of Damballa, a sexy witch woman who dances in the nude when she's not turning into a snake. After informing Ted that he now "exists in the world of the living dead" she takes revenge upon his dimwitted killers with her Crypt of Dark Secrets (1976). A particularly off-kilter example of Drive-ln-approved Southern-style "Swamp Horror"!

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