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Super Dimensional Cavalry: Southern (Region 1) - Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern
Releasedatum: 21 oktober 2003
The year is 2120, and the planet Gloire has been successfully colonized by descendents of Earth, who set about to establish new, self-sustaining outposts to keep the human race alive following a near fatal apocalyptic war on Earth. However, these colonists are unprepared for the return of the Zor, the original inhabitants of the planet, who left in the wake of a similarly devastating war that turned their world into a harsh, uninhabitable wasteland. A brutal war ensues. The action focuses on an elite group of human colonists who battle the returning Zor in powerful transformable weapon systems. As casualties mount on both sides, and real negotiations seem out of the question, the endgame deteriorates into a no-win situation. Southern Cross is a powerful, bittersweet series from the golden age of Japanese animation and many of the roots of the ROBOTECH storyline can be seen in the complex science fiction plot of Southern Cross.

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