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Psycho A Go-Go! (Region 1) - Adamson, Al
Releasedatum: 30 maart 2004
Go-Go for a psychopathic ride with PSYCHO-A-GO-GO. Al Adamson director of such Troma Classics as Dracula Vs. Frankenstein, Satanís Sadists and I Spit on Your Corpse! delivers another terrifyingly violent drive-in slasher classic. It is the first movie Adamson directed and his many fans have requested it being made available. The story of the film follows Psycho-Killer Roy Morton as he seeks innocent victims that he believes possess stolen jewelry he thinks is his. Anybody getting in his way gets cruelly murdered. Filmed in gorrific Chill-O-Rama by Oscar winner Vilmos Zsigmond (The Deer Hunter, Close Encounters of \the Third Kind), Psycho-a-go-go is a blood curdling, booty shaking experience!

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