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Young Adam R2 (Uk Import) - Mackenzie, David
Releasedatum: 29 maart 2004
Joe, (Ewan McGregor) a rootless drifter, finds work on a barge owned by Les (Peter Mullan) and his wife Ella (Tilda Swinton). On route between Glasgow and Edinburgh they discover the body of a young woman floating in the canal. Accident? Suicide? Murder? As the police investigations progress Joe and Ella embark on an intense physical relationship, heightening claustrophobic tensions between the three of them in the confined space of the barge and the ever growing web of deceit that Joe leaves in his wake. Based on Scottish beat writer Alexander Trocchi's novel and inspired by the Hollywood film noirs of the 40s and 50s, Young Adam is a highly original thriller from director David Mackenzie.

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