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Poolside Party & Gal Wine - X-Rated Dancing Gogo Style
Releasedatum: 5 januari 2001
What can you say about pictures like these. This DVD contains two x-rated videos ‘Exotic Reggae Poolside Party’ and ‘Gal Wine Go Go Style’. For those who love this genre these are wellknown, since they were good sellers on video. I won’t go into the actual content of this DVD but you can imagine what it’s all about. The combination of beautiful barely dressed dancers and a strong dancehall soundtrack gives you the excitement of actually being in a Jamaican dancehall. It’s funny to see that such an underground genre as Jamaican X-rated dancehall videos gets a DVD release. For all you hotblooded people out there, the DVD-features make watching this a lot more fun than watching it on video

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