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Mill Of The Stone Women (Regio 1) - Ferroni, Giorgio
Releasedatum: 16 maart 2004
In the early years of the last century, just outside Amsterdam, Holland, a young artist is hired to do a study of a famous local landmark. A windmill that contains stone statues of notorious female monsters of the past: murderers, poisoners and witches. One day he meets a mysterious but dangerously beautiful real life woman in the mill. Before long he is drawn into her clutches. But who is this girl? And what is the terrible secret that keeps her hiding from the outside world? The DVD version of this horror classic restores all the scenes cut from its original US release including the notorious topless shots of sexy French star Dany Carrel

DVD Extra's:
- Brand new anamorphic transfer from the original vault elements - Deleted and alternate cut scenes - Three different audio tracks - Theatrical trailer - Huge still and poster gallery - Extensive cast and crew information - Mondo Macabro preview trailer

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