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House Of Fools R2 (Uk Import) - Konchalovsky, Andrei
Releasedatum: 8 maart 2004
The inmates are running the asylum... literally. As a war led by local rebels surrounds their tranquil haven, the patients of a small psychiatric hospital remain blissfully cut off from the raging conflict — safely confined in their own small, restricted world. But problems ensue as the medical staff abandons the hospital, leaving the residents to fend for themselves. Janna (Julia Vysotsky),a beautiful young patient, takes it upon herself to organise the hapless group as best she can — entertaining them with her accordion and dreaming of the day when her imaginary fiancé, pop musician Bryan Adams, will arrive to whisk her off to a better life. Directed by Andréi Konchalovsky, House of Fools captivated audiences at the Venice Film Festival, where it won two coveted awards including the prestigious Jury Grand Prize.

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