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Freak Show Box Set (Region 1) - Freak Show Box Set
Releasedatum: 3 februari 2004
Step right up, folks, and feast your eyes if you dare on the freakiest, creepiest show on earth! It's a four-ring circus of sideshow scares straight from the Something Weird vaults, bound to keep you gasping, screaming and squirming! First up is the ultimate midnight movie cult classick, Basket Case, the tender story of young Duane exploring sleazy Times Square with his mutant Siamese twin brother stuffed away in a basket! Packed with gore and giggles, this unspeakable ode to brotherly love will have you coming back for more. And you'll swear you're hallucinating when you see the Blood Freak, a killer Turkey-Man who drinks the blood of drug addicts with his beak! It's a monster movie unlike any other, the world's only bloodthirsty-gobbler/anti-drug/pro-Jesus epic. But if you want something a little more feminine, get a load of She Freak, a colorful and kooky carny-noir from producer David F. Friendman (Blood Feast) in which a gold-digging hash slinger finds out the hard way that a midget scorned is a very scary thing. Then take a trip up to Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks where the crackpot doctor (Rossano Brazzi) unleashes monsters Goliath and Ook for a monster rumble to top them all. Come on, come all, come scream!

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