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Law Of Desire R2 (Uk Import) - Almodovar, Pedro
Releasedatum: 2 februari 2004
Law of Desire is an unbridled send-up of the absurdities of human desire, a wildly funny film that took American and European audiences by storm and immediately established director Pedro Almodovar. Law of Desire features a fabulous trio - Pablo, a famous Madrid director for whom men are prepared to die, his new love-crazed boyfriend Antonio, and Pablo's flamboyant and gorgeous transsexual sister Tina. Pablo is suffering because Juan, his lover, shares his steamy passion but not his commitment, and has returned to his village in southern Spain. Trying to forget him, Pablo is seduced by the tall, dark, handsome and heterosexual Antonio who, in the space of 24 hours, goes from having his first gay affair, to being Pablo's demanding - and threatening - lover. Pablo makes the mistake of dismissing Antonio as inconsequential but Antonio intends to pursue his passions to their ultimate conclusion.

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