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Betty Blue R2 Nl (Dutch Subtitles) - Beineix, Jean-Jaques
Releasedatum: 22 januari 2004
They fought by day and made love at night. Theirs was an affair of destructive passions and violent emotions. Of impotence overcome by force. Because when Betty Blue rose up and hit her lover's life like a whirlwind, nothing could be the same again. Ever. He had been a quiet, failed man living in a shack by the sea, content to let life pass him by. Then Betty roared into his life - youthful, shameless, sexy Betty - as uncompromising as she was beautiful. She grabbed at his hidden talent as a writer and dragged his genius out of him - fame was to be his whether he wanted it our not. Her methods were brutally simple: she burnt his house to the ground so that he had no option to leave the safe, passive life by the sea for the fleshpots of Paris. The adventure was just beninning...

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