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Bronx Warriors, The 2 R2 (Uk Import) - Castellari, Enzo G
Releasedatum: 26 januari 2004
New York City is undergoing a major facelift, and the GC Corporation, the company behind the revamp, wants to oust the "rats" in the Bronx - including self-made warriors Trash (Mark Gregory) and Toblerone (Antonio Sabato) - and move them to the new city. Only their operation, led by cantakerous ex-prison warden Wrangler (lizard faced Henry Silva), uses a bit of unnecessary force and the warriors aren't too happy about it. So, with the help of underground warrior Strike (Giancarlo Prete), they decide to kidnap the President of GC, Clark (Ennio Girolami) so that they'll stop the operation. Uncut!

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