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Edge Of The World R2 (British Film Institute) - Powell, Michael
Releasedatum: 10 januari 2004
Shot over four arduous months in the wild, windswept Shetland Islands, Michael Powellís first independent production establishes the daring techniques and experimentation that would later become familiar hallmarks of his career. The Edge of the World tells the moving story of a remote island and its inhabitants, whose traditions and way of life are threatened by a rapidly industrialising world. To settle an argument over whether the islanders should give up their livelihood and move to the mainland, two childhood friends follow an ancient tradition and climb the islandís highest cliff face. The outcome shatters the islandís peace and splits the two clans apart. Making the film proved so demanding and sensational that its 32-year-old director was moved to write a full-scale book about his obsession with the tragic grandeur of Scotlandís Outer Isles and his struggle to film it, 200,000 Feet on Foula, which actor Daniel Day-Lewis reads from on this DVD.

€ 25.99

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