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Kiss Me Quick/House On Bare Mountai (Region 1) - Kiss Me Quick & House On Bare Mount
Releasedatum: 5 juni 2001
Yes, it's Monster a Go-Go as your favorite ghouls go ga-ga over the nudiest nudes in this nutty and haughty Nudie-Cutie Horror-Comendy Double Feature! Sterilox, a not-too-bright alien from the Butless Galaxy, Visits the castle of mad Dr. Breedlove in search of "the perfect female specimen." Faster than you can say KISS ME QUICK!, he's introduced to Breedlove's lingerie-clad creations that happily bump and grind in the dungeon exercise room, including such chemically-engineered gyrating go-go goddesses as Kissme, Boobra, and Miss Gigi String! With photography by Laszlo Kovacs (Ghostbusters) and appearances by Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Mummy, KISS ME QUICK! is not only the first film produced by sexploitation king Harry Novak - but is also considered the best Nudie-Cutie ever made!

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