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Donnie Darko R2 (Uk Import) - Kelly, Richard
Releasedatum: 1 januari 1900
In writer/director Richard Kelly's extraordinary debut movie, it's October 1988 and small town USA is about to witness the end of the world. It's home to Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal), a brilliant but troubled teenager, plauged by terrifying visions which he alone knows the meaning of. With his class mate and soul mate Gretchen (Jena Malone) and a mysterious ex-teacher, nicknamed Grandma Death (Patience Cleveland), he must unravel the strange occurences affecting his school, his home and his life before a horrifying spectre known only as "Frank" leads Donnie to the edge of his sanity...

DVD Extra's:
Commentary by Richard Kelly and Jake Gyllenhaal. Commentary by selected cast and crew including Richard Kelly, Drew Barrymore, Katherine Ross and Jean Malone. 20 deleted and extended scenes with optional director's commentary. Interviews with 20 cast and crew members. B roll footage. The Philosophy of Time Travel. Website gallery. Artwork gallery. UK art exhibition. 'They Made Me Do It' - making of the art gallery. Cunning Visions gallery. TV spots. Cast and crew filmographies.

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