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Veil (Special Edition, 2pc) (Region 1) - Veil (1958)
Releasedatum: 11 september 2001
Two years before 'Thriller', Boris Karloff hosted 'The Veil', a never-broadcast ten-episode pilot of a TV horror anthology for the Hal Roach Studios in 1958. Though 'The Twilight Zone' and 'One Step Beyond' wouldn't make their debuts until 1959, 'The Veil' uncannily evokes both by presenting 'true and authenticated' stories of ordinary people who experience some aspect of the bizarre or supernatural - ghosts, precognition, and even Jack the Ripper intruding into their lives. This special double-disc set includes all ten 26-minute episodes, directed by such genre luminaries as George Waggner ('The Wolf Man') and Herbert L. Strock ('I Was A Teenage Frankenstein'), and starring such familiar faces as Patrick Macnee ('The Avengers'), Robert Hardy ('Psychomania'), Niall MacGinnis ('Curse Of The Demon'), Clifford Evans ('Kiss Of The Vampire'), Morris Ankrum ('Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers'), Eve Brent ('Gun Girls'), and even a young George Hamilton. So please join Boris Karloff for another journey into the world of the unexplainable which lies behind... 'The Veil'.

DVD Extras:
Digitally Remastered. Extra Added Attraction: Two episodes of the ultra-rare, never-broadcast Swedish TV Show '13 Demon Street', written and directed by Curt Siodmak ('Donovan's Brain'), and featuring Lon Chaney Jr. as the host.

€ 22.99

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