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Stuff, The (Widescreen) (Region 1) - Cohen, Larry
Releasedatum: 24 oktober 2000
Itís smooth and creamy. Itís low calorie and delicious. And it kills. Itís The Stuff! 'The Stuff' is a mysterious new taste sensation thatís taken the country by storm. But when it begins to outsell even ice cream, a coalition of food moguls hire an industrial saboteur (Michael Moriarty) to uncover the snackís secret formula. Together with an embittered cookie entrepreneur (Garrett Morris), they discover the horrifying truth: The Stuff is a body-snatching snack treat that turns its host into monstrous zombies! With millions digging in and time running out, can they save the world from the grip of this insidious and deadly dessert?

DVD Extras:
Audio Commentary With Director Larry Cohen. Theatrical Trailer.

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