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Pretear Volume 1 (Region 1) - Volume 1 Collector's Box
Releasedatum: 15 maart 2004
Sixteen-year-old Himeno Awayuki wants a normal, happy life. But when her nutty father Kaoru marries the wealthy executive Natsue, Himeno finds herself living on an estate the size of a small country and saddled with two stepsisters, Mayune and Mawata, who won't give her the time of day! Little does Himeno know her life will go from bad to worse when the Princess of Disaster escapes from the realm of Leafeania. The dark princess is seeding the land with demon larva and intends to suck all the Leafe - the life force of all beings - from the world! Lead by the brooding Hayate, seven Knights of Leafe search for the only person who can stop this catastrophe: the Pretear, a special girl who, when merged with a knight, transforms into an all-powerful defender of life. And the Pretear just happens to be Himeno! But is she up to the challenge? Don't miss the first exciting installment of Pretear!

DVD Extras:
Clean Opening & Clean Closing Animation. Behind The Anime With Luci Christian & Illich Guardiola. Production Sketches. ADV Previews.

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