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Chelsea Girls R2 (Italian Import) - Warhol, Andy
Releasedatum: 5 december 2003
Warhol unites and separates images of daily life, conditions of sordid eroticism, of total and masturbatory autoerotism and narcissism (see Eric Emerson’s sensual striptease); he alternates black and white with sophisticated and psychedelic special effects of multi colored lights forming a rainbow of hallucinatory geometry. The outcome is that of an image constantly being composed and decomposed. The whispering of the dialogue – at times subdued, at times shouted – stands in contrast to the subtle charm of the overall silence of the muted screen. The result, without being too emphatic, is a protracted symphony of sounds and images that project sensations, emotions and even unease, along with repulsion, unpleasantness, even rejection. Someone will surely find it also rather shocking, 'explosive' even. Undoubtedly there is plenty of eroticism and autoerotism, sadomasochism and homosexuality. Plenty of syringes. Plenty of heroin and amphetamines: a total assault! 'The Chelsea Girls' engages the moviegoer; it engages him/her in a strange way, playing almost to boredom’s limit while at the same time totally rejecting conventionality. The result is a sort of exercise in perception, almost an autogenic training, as it’s called today, and likewise recommended by Eastern philosophies…

DVD Extras:
Italian & English 'removable' subtitles. A video thing by Enrico Ghezzi. Paul Morrissey meets Jonas Mekas. Scenes from the life of Andy Warhol directed by Jonas Mekas. Interview to Achille Bonito Oliva. Interview to Mario Zonta.

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