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Escape 2000 (Widescreen) (Region 1) - Trenchard-Smith, Brian
Releasedatum: 21 oktober 2003
In a totalitarian society a few years from now, innocent ‘deviants’ like Paul (Steve Railsback of 'Helter Skelter' and 'The Stunt Man') and Chris (Olivia Hussey of 'Romeo And Juliet' and 'Black Christmas') are forced into government camps where their ‘rehabilitation’ includes beatings, rape and torture. But the most shocking brutality is still to come when Chris and Paul are chosen for the ‘Turkey Shoot,’ a horrific hunt by the sadistic warden and his wealthy friends using prisoners as human prey. Michael Craig ('The Vault Of Horror') and Roger Ward ('Mad Max') co-star in this ultra-violent thriller directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith ('Dead End Drive-In') and featuring special effects by Oscar® winner John Stears ('Thunderball', 'Star Wars'). Welcome to the future…and hope to hell you can escape! Originally titled 'Turkey Shoot, Escape 2000' was released in America cut by more than 13 minutes to remove most of its graphic scenes of dismemberment, machete mayhem, extreme gore and more. Anchor Bay has now discovered the film’s only remaining negative in a remote British vault and restored all its controversial violence for the first time ever, re-mastered the audio in Dolby 5.1, then added explosive new extras for the ultimate in action-packed Aussie splatter!

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