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Shock Corridor/Naked Kiss R2 (Uk Import) - Fuller, Samuel
Releasedatum: 17 november 2003
Shock Corridor
Johnny Barrett, an ambitious journalist, is determined to win a Pulitzer Prize by solving a murder in a lunatic asylum and witnessed only by three inmates, from whom the police have been unable to extract the information. With the connivance of a psychiatrist, and the reluctant help of his girlfriend, he succeeds in having himself declared insane and sent to the asylum. There he slowly tracks down and interviews the witnesses - but things are stranger than they seem...

The Naked Kiss
Kelly, a high class working girl, ups sticks to Grantville, the seeming epitome of small town USA. Confronted by suspicious sheriff Griff, she decides to put her illicit lifestyle behind her once and for all and becomes involved with nursing handicapped children. As Griff continues trying to run her out of town Kelly falls in love with Grant, scion of the town's founding family and Griff's best friend. But just as Griff begins to believe that Kelly may be on the level, a murder and perversion scandal threatens to destroy Kelly's new life.

DVD Extras:
Liner & Production Notes By Brad Stevens. Sam Fuller Text Interview. Cast & Crew Biographies.

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