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Journey To Italy R2 (British Film Institute) - Rosselini, Roberto
Releasedatum: 15 november 2003
Widely misunderstood and shamefully denigrated at the time of its original release, but now recognised as not simply one of Rosselini's greatest films but as one of the key works of modern cinema, 'Journey To Italy' is a deceptively simple piece. There is little plot to speak of: a marriage (the husband is played by George Sanders and the wife Ingrid Bergman) is breaking up under the strains of a trip to Italy, and we watch. But in its deliberate rejection of many aspects of "classic" Hollywood narrative and its stubborn pursuit of a quite different aesthetic, its meandering story line creates space for ideas and time for reflection...

DVD Extras:
Biography of Roberto Rossellini. Commentary by film historian Laura Mulvey.

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